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How Bail Bonds Work























To be arrested can be the one of the most traumatic experiences in your life - and most especially, if you didn't do anything. Once a person becomes a suspect, there is always a standard procedure done - the reading of the Miranda rights, use of handcuffs and finally brought to jail. Once inside the police station, there will be another set of operating procedures - taking of the fingerprints, being photographed and the suspect becoming an official prison mate. But there may be option of a bail, depending on the charges being pressed.


If the offense is not major then the arrested will simply be held in custody, until the judge precedes in the bail hearing. The hearings are very important as the fate of the arrested will fall on this. He or she will then find out how long before his/her release, and how much has to be paid for bail as well. If the accused is lucky and has the amount available, then there is no problem with being released. He or she can be released as soon as the payments are settled. The more serious the offense turns out to be, the  higher the required bail amount is. The problem is the unavailability of the amount. The accused will not just be the one with a problem but the people who have to help him/her raise the needed amount.


A bail bond is best compared to an insurance policy in the sense that the accused has to comply with all the court appearances required. When the court orders a time and date for appearance, it has to be followed otherwise there will be consequences. There are very specific businesses that help the accused who cannot produce the money - for short, they lend the money. And what can the los angeles bail bonds company get in return? They get a profit in the form of the interest rates. Depending on the amount of the money that was borrowed, the interest rate may vary. But generally, the interest rates are said to be 10 percent of the total loan.


A collateral is usually asked by the bail bonds los angeles service provider in the instance, that there is doubt in the character and financial ability of the accused. This also serves as the protection of the bonds man of course. He will be liable to the behavior of the accused in court, so he has to have assurance that there will be no disappearing acts involved. There are also bounty hunters. These professionals are used by the bonds man in tracking down and investigating on the actions of the accused when he or she runs away. The bounty hunters earn profit by catching the fugitives before the police and law enforcement do.